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We’re all out there searching for something- don’t let inadequate gear keep you from finding it.

You may have a burning desire to find the freshest and fluffiest of powder, but that kind of fire isn’t going to keep you warm on your search. The Murdock was built to keep your neck and face protected from the elements in order to maximize your enjoyment of all things Winter has to offer.

The Murdock is USA-made, constructed with a mix of recycled polyester for durability and a spandex blend for sports performance stretch. Its Polartec 100 series insulated liner will serve you well, allowing your body adequate blood flow to not only stay toasty and comfortable- but also focused. Top it all off with UPF 50+ sun protection.

Supporting Innovative Conservation Projects Around the World

Grandeur Hats donates 10% of profits to The Forest and Sea Fund which, through a partnership with, allows people to offset their climate impact measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). A portion of the donation goes directly to certified REDD+ credits provided by Natural Capital Partners with additional funds going to support Oceans 5 marine conservation efforts.