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We’re all out there searching for something- don’t let inadequate gear keep you from finding it. 

Put the Highland on your head and you’re not just wearing a beanie capable of withstanding the harshest of winter activities, you’re making a statement. 

These hats were woven together with fine alpaca yarn by the craftswomen of Peru. The woman who made yours? She signed the tag stitched inside. By wearing one of these beanies you’re standing in solidarity with her and all of those who believe in better. From the small-town farmers to the local seamstresses, to the designers here at Grandeur and all of those who proudly crown their heads with the Highland.

It comes pre-loaded with an outstanding story, but it doesn’t end there. In fact, it’s up to you to write the next chapter.

The Highland is made with 100% alpaca wool and is constructed to fit relaxed. It’s seriously soft and cozy, making it the perfect companion for city dwelling- whether you’re working your ass off at the local coffee shop or swapping stories with friends over a few beers.

Supporting Innovative Conservation Projects Around the World

Grandeur Hats donates 10% of profits to The Forest and Sea Fund which, through a partnership with CarboTax.org, allows people to offset their climate impact measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). A portion of the donation goes directly to certified REDD+ credits provided by Natural Capital Partners with additional funds going to support Oceans 5 marine conservation efforts.