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After spending the better part of the winter in search of untouched backcountry powder we realized that we needed a beanie to not only keep us warm but to perform better in an environment where sweat was abundant.

By using a material and shape that fits snug, and can be more easily dried, we created the Scout for those long, demanding, tours miles from civilization. With the addition of a recycled rubber patch you can be sure that your goggles and beanie won't shift during transit.

  • Made in USA
  • 100% acrylic
  • Recycled PVC patch
Supporting Innovative Conservation Projects Around the World

Grandeur Hats donates 10% of profits to The Forest and Sea Fund which, through a partnership with, allows people to offset their climate impact measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). A portion of the donation goes directly to certified REDD+ credits provided by Natural Capital Partners with additional funds going to support Oceans 5 marine conservation efforts.