Material Matters

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noun /ˈɡræn·dʒər, -ˌdʒʊər/
the quality or state of being elevated in conception or treatment


Here at Grandeur, we believe that Material Matters, and not only as it relates to the sourcing and fibers we use to make our products.

Material Matters also in terms of the motivations and ideals of the people who help us to make Grandeur a company reaching for, and living up to, the highest of standards.

From the growing seed in the farmer's crop to the production of the fiber, to the hand-stitching of the product and every other factor contributing to the end result, we strive to create with the smallest impact we possibly can and are constantly pursuing better methods of making this our reality.


We start our design process with an end use in mind and rigorously field test these ideas in extreme environments to ensure we're crafting your next favorite hat time and time again.

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Between the design and testing phases, we stop at nothing to search for the most durable materials that are either produced here in the USA or are made via sustainable processes.

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By working with partners who maintain the highest standard of transparency we strive to provide premium quality goods while giving back to the communities and places in which we play.

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The Duo

Nick - designer

With a deep-rooted background in apparel Nick channels his inner Gemini on the intersection of design and business.

Alexa - writer

A mama wolf in human flesh, Alexa is constantly back and forth between writing at coffee shops and the great outdoors.